TGIF!  This week I am starting my First Friday 5, a monthly tutorial starting from the very basics of crochet and moving into more complicated stitches.  The First Friday 5 begins a month long discussion on the chosen stitch.  And for this month I have chosen the chain stitch, because what is more basic than that?  To be honest, I already wrote a tutorial in 2015 about creating a chain.  Please check it out here; I read it over today and was happy with how thorough I was.  My photography, though, has improved since the start of my blog, so here is a quick video montage of how to make a crochet chain.

The crochet chain is such an essential part of crochet, that YOU NEED TO MASTER IT.  Luckily, it isn’t that hard to learn, as long as you practice a bit.  Tension is always something to consider, along with correct hook for the yarn size.

Check out these lovely samples.  The red is made with a super chunky yarn with which I used a P hook.  The orange was made with a size 10 crochet thread and a 1.30 mm hook.  Hopefully you can tell the difference.  It is important to look at the yarn label when choosing the correct hook, and then, depending on whether you want a looser or tighter stitch, move up or down a hook size.

Next week, I plan to bring you some examples of items you can make with a crochet chain. Until then, crochet 5 minutes a day, and see how far you go in a year!

Happy Crocheting!

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