Little C is finally back to school.  After over 2 weeks of Winter break, her school has opened it’s doors and the kids were wrangled in this morning.  It was a little tough, getting back into the routine.  I liked our lazy mornings in our pjs, I would catch up on blogs and Little C would watch her shows while playing with the innumerable amount of toys she got for Christmas.  Last week was especially nice, because it was just her and me, since my husband had returned to work.  She has grown so much since starting school, she is so much more independent and kid like.  Her New Year’s resolutions included learning to crochet and knit.  I couldn’t have been more proud.  Since she is not even 5 yet, I decided finger knitting would be a great starting point.

Truth be told, I tried to teach her to finger knit last Summer.  My patience wore thin, as did Little C’s attention.  This time around, we were able to sit together and complete a bracelet.  While her attention waned, and she whined at one point that it was “boring”, the finished piece made her happy and proud, which is all I could ask for.  She now wants me to teach her to crochet, but I told her she needs to finger knit without my help before we move on.  Here are her results!

We used leftover blanket yarn, which made the bracelet soft and cozy.  It was thick enough to whip up fast, but her little fingers could still handle it.   This is a great project for kids interested in learning the fiber arts, but might not be old enough yield a pair of needles or hook.  Here is a great finger knitting video tutorial from Fiber Flux.

As for my own project, I am almost done making Little C a winter pullover.  She has a dress code in school, and so I thought I’d make this as a layering piece for her.  I followed a pattern from Crochet! Magazine, but as usual, I went off script and used a chunkier yarn and had to adjust the size and button placement.  What do you think?

Blocking was a must.  After I took these photos, I single crochet a border around the neckline.  I might add a small button to close the arm hole a bit more, but I also feel like I’m just tinkering right now.  The real question is, will she wear it?  This almost 5 year old has her own mind and fashion sense.  Luckily, I have the dress-code color and cold weather to back me up.  I’ll post final pics when it’s ready.

What are you working on?  What projects would you like to see from Crochet539?  I am open to suggestions, otherwise, Little C will keep me busy with her projects!  Hope everyone is off to a good start to the week.

Happy Crocheting!

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