Thanks to everyone who voted in the March Crochet Madness.  The winner is (roll your tongue for effect) Springtime Shawl or Vest!  Today’s Friday 5 is a planning post for anyone who wants to give this shawl a try.

HTIF2522Can I first say that I love this shawl?  I have made two for myself and wear them every chance I get.  There is something about clothing/accessories that can be worn in different ways that totally intrigues me and blows my mind simultaneously.  I often find myself starting out with the shawl one way (usually the last “triangle” square), getting bored with the look or chilly from the sun going down and flip the shawl around to wear it like the first square.  These four ideas are only a start.  I’ve also buttoned it to wear as a circle cowl, or unbuttoned it to wear open over the shoulders.  Anything goes with this shawl!

Okay, first things first.  This is an EASY pattern.  If you are a beginner crocheter and can do a chain stitcha single crochet, and a double/treble crochet, you can make this shawl.  There are just a few more tips and tricks to know, and I’ll explain them here.


The decrease of this shawl is easy as pie (okay making a pie isn’t easy, how about easy as buying a pie).  Each row you start, chain 1, skip the first stitch and double (UK treble) crochet in the next.  You will end each row with a double (UK treble) crochet (even if it is supposed to be a chain) in the second to last stitch, the last stitch will be dropped.  The edges might not look perfect, but no worries, they will by the end of the piece.

Foundation Double/Treble Crochet (Fdc)

The foundation double/treble crochet is so handy because you don’t have to worry about the tension of a starting chain, and the first row already has height.  It is fairly simple to do, and once you get into a rhythm it goes fast.  Here is a left to right visual of the stitch.

Starting off with a chain 3, yarn over your hook, like you would for a normal dc.  Insert the hook in the first chain stitch, yarn over and pull through.  Yarn over and pull through one loop.  This is an extra step, not usually in a double crochet, that creates a space to make the next stitch.  Yarn over and pull through two loops, and yarn over and pull through the last two loops on the hook.

Here’s a look at the next stitch, starting on the left hand column.

The next stitch and any further foundation stitches, yarn over and insert your hook into the extra stitch at the bottom of the previous dc.  Yarn over and pull your hook through the stitch, yarn over and pull your hook through one loop, yarn over and pull through two loops twice.  Repeat as needed.


I am using a light-worsted cotton/acrylic yarn with an H-8 or 5mm hook.  You will need at least two or three skeins of yarn.  You will also need a tapestry needle, scissors, and at least nine buttons.

Well, I think that is enough for now.  If you want to get a jump start to next week, go ahead a foundation double crochet 206.  Otherwise, I will be posting the pattern next week and away we will go!  Happy Crocheting!

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