Looking for some new projects to try out the double crochet stitch?  Here is a couple more from my Pinterest boards that you can try out!

  1.  Chainless Foundation Double Crochet – If you’ve never tried a foundation stitch before, this will change your world.  I rarely start a project out with a chain stitch these days.  The foundation starting stitch won’t give you the tight edge a chain stitch does, and you’ve already got some height to your project!


2. A Summer Top – The stitches we’ve gone over this year are used in this top.  So, if you’ve been following along with the chain stitch tutorial, the single crochet tutorial, and the double crochet tutorial, you can make this top.


3.  Braided Bracelet – I am not 100% sure, but I think this bracelet is just 5 foundation double crochet strips braided flat into a bracelet.  Such a simple idea for a cute accessory!


4.  Double Crochet Hats – crocheting in the round is always a little intimidating for the beginning crocheter, but these hats are a great introduction.  Give it a try, making hats is addicting!


I hope you give some or all of these ideas a try!  Happy Crocheting!


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