This blog almost didn’t happen.  I am now into day 5 of a diet to reboot (in a sense) my metabolism.  The book The Fast Metabolism Diet, by Haylie Pomroy, sold me on this process, and I hope to come out of the 28 days slimmer, healthier, and craving real food, not Doritos.  Day 5 and I am almost done having headaches from caffeine and sugar withdrawal, and I didn’t take a nap on day 4, so I’m winning (I think)!  Anyway, I’ve been in a little fog, and I almost gave up on the blog.  Hey, that rhymes.

Sooooo, I have a pattern for you today that incorporates last month’s theme on chains and this month’s theme on the single crochet, which I realize is called double crochet for my UK friends.  Please substitute when necessary.

Funky Chain Cowl


Yarn, super chunky, your choice of color

N Hook

The usual suspects:  scissors, darning needle

Button or multiple buttons


Foundation row:  ch 70, join together with a sl st to form a loop, careful not to twist the chain

Row 1: sc in back bump of first ch, and the next 9, ch 60, sl st in first sc

Rows 2-10: sc in first sc and in the next 9, ch 60, sl st in first sc, bind off after the 10th row

Weave in the ends

Sew button/s on the flat end


Seriously, could it be more simpler?  Hopefully I haven’t forgotten any steps.  If you get confused at any point please comment, I’ll be sure to respond in between naps ;-).

In the meantime, Happy Crocheting!


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