TGIF!  Anyone else feel this way?  It hasn’t been a bad week, I’m just ready for the weekend, and I think my family is in agreement with me.  On top of being Friday, it’s Cinco de Mayo!  Which, in Milwaukee, has become an excuse to go out for margaritas and Mexican food.  And, so, now you know my evening plans.

This month we will be exploring the simple, yet sneakily effective half double crochet (or for my UK friends, the half treble).  I love this stitch, it crochets just as fast as a single crochet, but offers more height and bulk.  Plus, you do not get the “holes” you might find in a regular double crochet.  Here are some projects I have made using this stitch:

The possibilities are endless, so with out further ado, let’s get going with this month’s tutorial.

To begin your first stitch, yarn over, from back to front.

Insert your hook into the next stitch.  Yarn over, from back to front and pull through.  You will have three loops on your hook.

Yarn over, from back to front, and pull the yarn through all three loops on the hook.


Ta Da! Stitch is complete.  Once you get the hang of pulling through the three loops on the hook, it really is a simple stitch.

Since the beginning of the year, you’ve learned the Chain StitchSingle Crochet Stitch Double Crochet Stitch, maybe made a Springtime Shawl and now the Half Double Crochet.  Once you have gotten used to these four stitches, you can make just about everything.  Even the complicated stitches are usually just versions of ch, sc, dc, and hdc put together.  So get stitching and practicing, because the next few months are going to be fun!  Until then, enjoy the half double (it really is a useful stitch), and Happy Crocheting!


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