We are in the middle of a snow storm, lucky us (yes, sarcasm).  As I write this now, my husband is out shoveling the front walk; I feel slightly guilty not helping him, but I have a slipped disc and a doctor’s excuse (so not that guilty).  I feel mostly guilty knowing that by the end of this storm we could have up to 15 inches of new snow and it’s all on him.  Still, even though we are thisclose to Spring and the weather gods are playing a cruel trick on us Wisconsinites, it’s kind of nice to have an excuse to cosy up on the couch and work on some new projects.  I’ll get to the new projects another time, today I want to show you what I’ve worked on, finished, and FINALLY took photos of (thankfully the white snow reflects good picture light).

  1.  Tunisian Stitch Cross Shoulder Bag – I started this bag last year, and it took a while to create the Tunisian tapestry.  Once I was finished it took even more time to felt and create a bag.  Truth be told, I was really nervous about sewing in the zipper.  Instead of creating a strap, I used a vintage guitar strap from my dad’s playing days.  Result:  the size of the bag is perfect, the strap gives it an edge, I still need zipper help, but I love this bag.  It has been my go to purse this winter.


2.  18 inch Doll Carrying Case – I am almost done with this project, and Little C has been using it regularly, so she doesn’t care about the few aesthetic aspects.  I can’t help cringing when I look at the safety pin holding the straps under her chin and the snaps that need a cover.  So with a few buttons strategically placed I should be done.


3.  Crochet Project Bag – This hand bag took only a few nights to work up and I think it turned out so cute, if I do say so myself.  Picture it, sitting at music in the park on a nice summer evening, or in the bleachers at your kids sporting game, the purse hanging from your forearm, hook in hand yarn unravelling from the inside.  This is the perfect travel bag for crochet (or knitting) projects.  I cannot wait to use it!


What projects have your finished lately?  I’d love to hear about what you are working on!  Happy Crocheting!

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