This last week has been hectic.  Between Little C and her flu, my husband taking off of work, and he and I celebrating our 6th anniversary, we were busy!  All this time I wrote blog posts in my head, but here we are, Tuesday morning, and I got nothing!  That isn’t to say I haven’t been crocheting.  I’ve had a few commissions, one for a chevron cuff, and another for a pair of knee high socks.  Both of these have taken considerable time and thought, on my part, and deserve a separate blog post on their own.

Today I want to highlight a project that is still in progress.  My felted purse project has had to be put on hold because of these commissions, but it is finally ready to be tested in the washer.

I used the Tunisian stitch for the main bag.  I wanted a grid like stitch, that was less like the knots of crochet and more like a knit.  img_5255

Using a crochet hook, I free handed a pattern of leaves with another type of wool.  I wanted the plain fabric to be flecked with bright fall colors.


Lastly, I folded the tapestry in half and crochet the side edges together.  I then created a loop on the two edges, where I can attach a cross-body strap.

This is what I have so far.  It took a lot of mindless nights crocheting the tapestry.  I am so excited and nervous to felt this piece.  I can’t wait to see if it turns out how I envision it, but I’m scared that it will shrink all goofy.  I guess that is the chance we have to take sometimes!

Have you ever done any felting?  Have you ever felted a bag?

I’d love your feedback and sharing.  Happy Crocheting!

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