It isn’t quite Spring, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for it, right?  Here in Milwaukee we already had a few days close to 70 degrees, followed by torrential rain, and then a nice 1-3 inch snowfall.  Yes, welcome to Wisconsin.  I am choosing to look passed the schizophrenic climate and embrace the fact that we may have nice sunny weather someday!

What does this mean for crochet?  Well, cotton yarn of course!  Small projects, jewelry, maybe amigurumi, are all on the docket for Spring and Summer projects.  And since I’ll need to take advantage of good weather, I plan to be outside as much as possible (if you haven’t followed me during the summer before, we tend to be always on the go).  So my first project for the coming season is a crochet travel purse.

I kind of winged this project over the weekend, using Bernat Home Dec yarn.  This was my inspiration:

This is so cute!  But as usual, I needed to make it bigger and more “me”.  I haven’t finished yet, but here is what I have so far.


What will I put into this bag?  Well, I’ve been doing a few granny’s for a bigger project, this bag will be perfect to hold and travel with my stash.  Here is a sneak peek:

Happy Crocheting!

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