Have you started your brackets?  Well, if basketball isn’t your thing, I have the perfect competition for you; everybody wins!  Fill out the polls below for our next crochet tutorial. I am thinking spring here, so no sweaters or heavy cowls.  This is lightweight crochet-wear; we will prove that crochet can be worn year long!  Below are some examples of what I’ve made throughout the years.

Our 1st Matchup:     Cuffs vs Earrings

2.  Light Shawls and Vests vs. socks

3.  Halloween costumes vs doll clothes and accessories



4.  Purse and carry along bags vs granny squares and appliqués



Round 1 is set. Vote for your favorite patterns and/or tutorial and we will move onto the next round to choose a winner.  Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!  Happy Crocheting!

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