I have a project hanging over my head and I cannot wait until it is done.  Do you ever have projects like this?  Someone asks you to make them something, and it turns out more complex than you imagined and you just want to get it over with!  The “someone” in this case is Little C who wants a backpack-style carrying case for her 18 inch doll.  I bought some purple cotton yarn awhile ago because I thought it would be the least scratchy to wear on a Summer day, little did I know C would also request rainbow color (I didn’t know rainbow was a color, sigh, luckily I had something that would work).

I used a posts and shells stitch for the back.  This is basically a shell pattern with a post stitch separating each shell.  My thought was the post stitch would keep it from stretching too much.  It worked up fairly quick, even though I had to stop and check measurements every so often.

The front (using the rainbowish yarn) was done with a linked double crochet stitch.  Again, I was worried about stretching, and I thought by “linking” two double (or treble in U.K. terms) crochets it would create a stronger piece.

I will definitely report back when the case is finished.  I’m nervous about the straps and that the whole piece will grow once the doll is carried around in it. I guess I’ll never know unless I finish, so until next time, Happy Crocheting!


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