We are in the second month of my Friday Stitch Series, and this month we are celebrating the single crochet!  If you are a newbie in the crochet world, this stitch is A MUST.  If you want to crochet beautiful garments, blankets, accessories, or even a doily, you need to master this stitch.


  1. After creating a chain, insert your hook into the second “V” stitch closest to the hook.  You can’t get this stitch wrong if you are consistent and don’t twist the chain.
  2. 2. Following the photos: yarn over (wrap the yarn from back to front) around the hook, pull the wrapped yarn through the first loop, yarn over again, pull the wrapped yarn through both loops on the hook.


Once you feel comfortable with the single crochet, you can get fancy.  Below is an example of a regular single crochet.  The hook is inserted through both loops of the “V” stitch.

To create different textures for your single crochet, all you have to do is insert your hook into a different part of a “V”.  By placing your hook through the back loop (blo or back loop only) of the “V” you can create a dramatic ridge, like the one below.

For a less dramatic ridge, you can insert your hook into the front of the “V” (flo or front loop only).  While it is more subtle, it does create a nice striping effect.

The same stitch done three different ways can create a really fun fabric for all sorts of projects, which do you like the best?




If you want to check out another tutorial on how to create a single crochet please take a look at a post I wrote in 2015.  Also, here is a post from KB Crochet, it goes over the basics of choosing what hooks to use with what yarns and some other important info for the beginner.

Please let me know what you think of this tutorial.  And if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Happy Crocheting!


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