I worked all weekend on my Irish crochet shirt.  I didn’t keep track of the hours it took to set up the back, make a foundation single crochet for the edges, and complete the black netting, but let’s just say, it took awhile.  So, it shouldn’t have surprised me that I woke up Monday with an achy left forearm.  Ahhh, another year older, another ache and pain ;-).  Because of this, I am putting my shirt aside for a day or two and starting another Summer project that I’ve been meaning to get to.  This one should whip up fast, its going to be my boho bag.

I am using this pattern:

Here’s the link!

This is what I have so far (I have made 2):

It is going faster than I anticipated.  Although, I am using cotton and will probably have to block all the pieces and make an inner lining, so that will take time.  Do you like the look of the bag?  I’m debating about the fringe.  I’m normally not a fringe girl, but I think this could be fun, any thoughts?  Can’t wait to show off the final piece, until then, Happy Crocheting!

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