So I am on my third post about my modern Irish crochet shirt.  That means I have been working on this project for three weeks and I am not close to being finished.  The netting is taking forever, and even though it is slow going it is oddly satisfying.  Trying to create a web without having to cut the thread has been a challenge.  It is almost like a puzzle, where can I go next that I can make geometric shapes and not crochet myself into a corner?  It hasn’t tired my brain out, like some of the long repetitive stitches can, plus I don’t have to count, so I can just go with the flow.  Many times I start and two hours go by until I need a break!  That is pretty good for me.  This is what I have done so far, oh, and I haven’t had to cut the thread…yet :).

I have a few big holes that need some fixing up, but I’m happy with my work so far! Happy Crocheting!


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