Happy Valentine’s day!  Are you crocheting hearts today, or crocheting for someone who holds your heart?  I am doing the latter.  My five year old, who never tires of receiving new things, requested that I make her a hat.  I told her that I’d be happy to make her a hat and suggested she go “shopping” in my yarn stash.  She pulled out a variety of pinks, purples, blues, in every fiber from wool to velvet to metallic yarn.  Naturally, like a good mom, I tried to oblige her (all while trying out some new design ideas).

“Mothers are all slightly insane.”  J.D. Salinger

I started the hat using the multi-color for the top part.  I came up with my own pattern to put some texture into the cap; the pattern increased well, but the multi-color did not show the texture at all.  This hat was frogged.

My second attempt was a bit more successful, but not quite.  I chose a solid color pink.  I used the same pattern as the first, and although you could see the texture a little better, it still wasn’t great.  I decided to slip stitch around the top with some of the other yarns to bring out some of the stitches.  This turned out kind of cool, but I still wasn’t wild about the baby pink.  For the main part of the hat I wanted to piece different granny squares.  After making a few, I decided to frog this too.  The baby pink just didn’t speak to me (especially when I think of my daughter).



“Behind ever great kid is a mom who’s pretty sure she’s screwing it up.” Anonymous

My last and final shot at a hat for Little C (and let’s face it, how picky can she be? ) I bought a skein of long-stranded multi-color.  Yes, I finally gave into the Caron Cake sale. I started this last night, you’ll have to wait for the results!

What are you working on? I am in need of inspiration, so please share ideas!  Hope everyone has a fun Valentine’s Day, and Happy Crocheting!


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