While I don’t want to make this post about Covid-19, I do want to touch on how it is affecting life right now. My work (as a community recreation teacher) has been postponed indefinitely, my daughter is home from school indefinitely, and my husband has been told to work from home, indefinitely. What this means is that we have 3 normally active people going a little stir crazy, especially during rainy weather. I am finding that keeping busy is key, and for me that includes crocheting and doing more creative projects.

FreeForm Crochet is a passion that I’ve written about in the past that is still going strong. My only problem is that a freeform project takes a long time to create. So, I’ve been playing with the idea that freeform crochet doesn’t have to be grand. Why should it be? Sure, the fabulous cloak that Prudence Mapstone created is iconic and wondrous, but it probably took months, if not years to make. And while I think it is fun to have a big project in the works, its always nice to have a quick feeling of accomplishment.

So, I am back to creating crochet jewelry. Freeform necklaces are becoming my latest obsession. Plus, I get to use my extensive cotton thread collection (thanks to a yoga student who gave me a dress box full of thread), and with jewelry one can spice up an outfit with lots of color which makes the rainy weather more bearable.

Here is a photo of my first crochet necklace.

I absolutely love it and wear it whenever I can (although no one is seeing it these days). I borrowed the idea from a photo I found on Pinterest, it’s taken from theartzoo.com. Making the squares was simple. Here’s a quick pattern:

Small Square Motif and Necklace Instructions

Ch 8, sl st into the first ch to create a circle

4 sc in circle, ch 2 (creates 1st corner), 4 sc in circle, ch 2 (creates 2nd corner), 4 sc in circle, ch 2 (creates 3rd corner), 4 sc in circle, ch 2, sl st into the first sc to create the 4th corner and close the square. Bind off.

Make as many squares in whatever colors as you want for your necklace. Play with the layout of the squares by placing them onto a board as you go. Sew the squares together in the layout of your choice.

For the “chain” I crocheted a Romanian cord in a size 10 thread yarn. The photo I used as inspiration used a ribbon. This is really your choice.

Hope you like my new necklace as much as I do, and maybe you can give it a try on your own. Stay safe and hopefully we can talk crochet soon!

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