One of my goals for finishing up the year is writing more.  Not necessarily blogging more, I think once a week is fine for a crochet blog (unless I am including tutorials, which I might do once again).  I would like to get into a rhythm of writing every day, so that my weekly blogs are of better quality.  Lately, I have been so uninspired to write.

I guess we all go through ups and downs in our passions.  I have been crocheting like crazy, and really enjoying what I’ve made.  Reading about what you all are making has been encouraging too.  I love the new “holiday/cool weather” themes I’ve seen from your works, and when bloggers try my patterns out, I feel so honored.  Thank you Tracy for trying out the fingerless gloves pattern, I have adjusted the pattern with your notes, they were very helpful!

These were my second attempt with the adjusted pattern.  Not sure about the colors, but I like the added edge!

Today, I plan to share another pattern, the Child Shrug with Fringe.  I have seen this shrug fit a 5 year old and an 11 year old comfortably.


Caron Cakes

J Hook

Tapestry needle and scissors


Foundation Chain:  Ch 50, turn

Foundation Row:  sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in back bump (loops) across, turn

Row 1:  ch 3 (counts now and hereafter as a dc), [2 dc in next, dc in next] across (73 stitches)

Row 2:  Ch 3 dc across, (73)

Row 3:  ch 3 [2 dc in next, dc in next 2] across (97)

Row 4:  ch 3, dc in next [ch 1, sk 1, dc in next 2] across (97)

Row 5: ch 3, [2 dc in next, dc in next 5] across (113)

Row 6:  ch 3, dc in next, [ch1, sk 1, dc in next 2]

Row 7:  ch 3, dc across (113)

Row 8:  ch 3, dc in next [ch 1, sk 1, dc in next 2] across (113)

Row 9:  ch 3, dc across (113), bind off and weave in ends

Fringe:  2 strands of yarn in every other stitch

Buttons:  I made crochet buttons by making circles.  I will try to expand on this at a later time.  In the meantime, check out this link.

I hope you like this pattern, as always, please let me know if you have questions.  Hope all your weeks’ are off to a great start!

Happy Crocheting!

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