What a busy last seven days!  I have exciting kiddo crochet news, Little C can make a chain, using a crochet hook, all by herself.  Yes, I am a proud mama.  This is a pretty big accomplishment for the 5 year old.  She usually wants me to sit next to her and walk her through every little step.  This amount of attention isn’t just wanted for crochet, either; any art project, clean-up project, and playing project, I am requested at her side.  And, if I can’t do what she asked, there had better be a good excuse for not helping her.  So, when I saw that she actually picked up a hook and yarn and started chaining by herself, I felt my chest swell.

The other cool kiddo news is that I volunteered in Little C’s class last week and taught the kids to finger knit.  This was really interesting.  I worked with 2 at a time and some kids lasted 5 minutes while others were with me close to an hour!  I was only planning on staying an hour, but they were so into it that I stayed the whole afternoon!  The pastel variegated yarn with a metallic strand running through was the most popular choice of yarn for the kindergarteners.  I hope I can go back, I had fun working with them and seeing them make!

As for my crochet creations, lately, I have been all about fringe.  How many are with me?  My interest in this style probably started with the Boho Bag, once I started carrying the bag, I wanted all the fringe.  So that is what I’ve been making lately, a lot of embellished pieces.

I have one more craft fair coming up this Saturday.  Here are some of the pieces I will be selling.

This Boho Bag is a small version of the original.  I lined it and attached a crochet adjustable strap.  It is a perfect purse for a girl.

I made a couple fringed shrugs.  Again, they are perfect size for a girl.  I wish my daughter wasn’t so busy because these look adorable on and she could be my model.  I hope you get the gist of them from the photos.  I will be selling matching headbands/ear warmers too.

While the blue and pink shrugs fit girls from about 5 to 12, the grey striped cowl is an adult piece. It is hard to see the stitch, but it looks like puffed falling leaves.  I really liked making this cowl.  Of course I made a grey head warmer to match.

I never thought I’d become such a big fan of fringe, but I’m hooked.  It just adds an element of fun to an outfit.  I hope to get you some patterns soon, these pieces are too cute not to share!

Happy Crocheting!

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