Hello my Fantastic Baking friends!  Happy Saturday!  Before I begin, I would just like to thank Tracy for putting together the Fantastic Bake Along every month, and also thank Connie, who inspired this month’s baking idea.

So, this month we are to bake something with apples.  It can be anything we want, but it has to have apples in it.  I love apples, they are my favorite fruit and are usually in the fridge (unless we have eaten them all).  This time of year is especially great for apples, because they are in season and a perfect Fall treat.  I was in a bit of a conundrum, though, about what to make for this bake along.  If I made something sweet, like an apple pie or cake, I would likely be the only one eating it.  My hubby isn’t really into dessert (unless his mom makes it and it is on Thanksgiving, then he will eat pie), my daughter is the type to take a bite or two and then ask for candy.  So who eats the entire pie/cake?  Yeah, this girl. And let’s face it, I would have made a cake, because I love cake, and I would have eaten it all.  My waistband thanked me for forgoing the dessert, until I decided on what I would make.

Prociutto and Parmesan Wrapped Apples

I found this recipe, and followed it to a T, with the exception I will mention at the bottom.    This is a simple recipe, it took no more than 10 minutes to put together (and Little C was trying to help), and about 3 minutes in the broiler.  Here is what I worked with.

Pretty simple ingredients, once I sliced the apples, wrapped them in parmesan cheese and prosciutto, I drizzled honey(not pictured) on top.  I then popped them in the broiler (okay, I cheated, it wasn’t baked it was broiled, but I still used the oven!) for 3 minutes.

Once I took the pictures my hubby and I devoured them.  It wasn’t until I was on my last one that I realized I forgot the basil!  Oops!  I bet that would have given them a different taste, and I don’t know if I would have liked them better or not.  These were sooooooo good, and soooooo easy to make.  I will totally make them again if we have guests over and I’m serving appetizers.  I recommend checking out the recipe above, you won’t be disappointed!


Thanks again for another great bake along.  Please check out all the other great bloggers who have baked along in the past!

Hope everyone has a Fantastic weekend, and Happy Crocheting Baking!

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