There is nothing like a deadline to give you a good kick in the pants.  After last week’s WIP post I realized that I needed to get going on my projects (for the mere selfish fact that there are more projects I want to do).  I therefore set to work on my boho bag (pattern from here).  The fringe was easy, but still, I dragged my feet to add a liner.  This purse can be made without one, but I felt it would be more secure (and I’d be more prone to use it) if I added one.  Only problem was, I’m a little scared of my sewing machine.  Hand sewing was an option, but it would take a lot more time.  So, at about 6:30 last night, with nothing else to write about, I bit the bullet and got on my machine.

Making the liner took hardly any time at all.  Plus, I had Little C next to me the whole time cheering me on, “Good job, Mom.  You’re a really good sewer.  Can I try next?”  I hand sewed it into the bag, which admittedly looks a little sloppy, but it is secure and now I don’t have to worry about lipgloss and keys falling out.

I used a faux leather strap from an old purse,  It worked out perfectly.  And the button was from my collection.  What do you think?


Hope everyone’s projects are getting completed!  Happy Crocheting!

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