TGIF! Anyone else wishing for the weekend on Wednesday?  Well it’s almost here and this Friday I have an overview of the color exploration we’ve been doing.  Call it a color meta-analysis, for you science types.

Week 1:  Exploring the Color Wheel

This week we put colors together depending on how they ended up on the color wheel.  Are you a cool or warm person?  Do you prefer colors when they are aligned in an analogous way, triad way, complementary way or tetrad way?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about and can’t figure it out by the photos read up on it out here.

Week 2:  Color Scheming


Week two involved way less thinking than week one.  I basically do all the color research for you and pin it on my Pinterest board Color Schemes.   There are also lots of people doing the real work by putting the color combos/paint chips online for all to see.  The Messy Brunnette mentioned checking out Design Seeds on Instagram, its a great way to get more professional color inspiration!

Week 3: The Easiest Color Tip

Last week was one of the easiest tips of all.  If you’re a fiber lover you will naturally find yourself wandering the yarn aisles of your local craft store.  Next time you’re admiring all the lush colors, check out the variegated yarn. Yolanda of Yochet, and Robin of Imperial Crochet, like to use variegated yarn in their projects.  But, if you find a color combo you like, and want to control the length of the color changes, look for the same colors in individual skeins.  Meghan of Lulu’s Yarn Art chose colors for her husband’s blanket this way, and I used this method for my freeform experiment.

I hope you learned something from this month’s Color topic.  I know I did!  Can’t wait to see all your colorful makes!  Happy Crocheting!


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