This week is all about depth, crochet depth, that is.  My freeform experiment has taken me from circles and spirals to this.

The freeform process is remarkably simple, even though it looks complex and abstract.  All you need to know is a few textured stitches like popcorn, fan, box, and a few overlay stitches like the crab and post stitch.  Once you familiarize yourself with those you can start adding depth to your circles.  The biggest thing about making these pieces is keeping them flat.  I’d have to pay attention, while crocheting, making sure they weren’t warping or curling.  Adding stitches if it was curling or subtracting stitches if it was warping would flatten them out.

I started with adding to the three chocolate brown circles (can you spot those?), once they reached about a four or so inch diameter I flipped them over and sewed them together.

I used a whip stitch to sew the backs of the circles (or strange shapes) together.  Then, after I sewed a couple, I steamed them to flatten it out .

I find it so funny that this actually looks like the freeform crochet I have been admiring for years, and I’ve made this piece in a week.  I love this creative process, I don’t have to study a pattern, I go off colors depending on what the previous ones are next to.  While I’m putting these shapes together I keep thinking of all the new ways to do free form, and different materials to try, I just wish I had more time!

Better get to it, Happy Crocheting!

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