This month we have been exploring color, and today I am going to give the easiest color tip that absolutely won’t fail you.  This is the simplest way to bring color into your project, and you won’t have to agonize about getting shades right, the yarn should be right there ready for the taking.  Any guesses from the photos below?


That’s right!  Go to the craft store, pick out a variegated yarn that speaks to you and choose individual colors from that skein.  You could go with neons, warm hues, cool hues, warms and cools together, or different shades of the same color.  Chances are if they make the variegated yarn they are making individual skeins in the same colors.  How simple!  Have you ever used this method?  How do you normally choose your color combinations?

Next Friday we’ll have a wrap up of all our color tips and tricks.  Please let me know if there is any tricks that you use, I will include them in the post and link back to your blog.  Hope everyone is living and crocheting their life in color!  Happy Crocheting!


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