When Traci asked me for a Bake-Along idea, I immediately asked my family.  Since they were going to help eat the baked goods, I wanted to make sure nothing went to waste.  My husband suggested pizza, which was brilliant because pizza never goes to waste in my family.  Just to prove my point, hubby and I had our wedding reception at an Italian restaurant, my baby shower was at a different Italian restaurant and Little C says “pizza” every time I ask what she wants for dinner.  Pizza is a winner for us!

The recipe for the crust was fairly easy.  Little C poured in the ingredients and I mixed it with a hand mixer.  While it was setting I cut up mushrooms for my pizza and crisped up some prosciutto to go on top.

Little C is a lot more traditional for her pizza choice, she wanted pepperoni and sausage.  Luckily the dough was enough for two (or four, thanks to Kathy’s tips), so we could make our own.

Somewhere along the line of me reading the recipe, I missed the part that we put the toppings on BEFORE we put the crust in the oven.  For some reason I thought we needed to bake it first, so I threw the first crust into the oven.  Five minutes later I reread the directions, oops!  I pulled the crust out, gave Little C the other crust to “decorate” and started making my garlic cream sauce.  I got the recipe for this sauce here.  Once my par-baked crust cooled I mixed the garlic cream sauce with a few spoonfuls for jarred pizza sauce (I used MIDs) and spread it onto the crust.  Let me just say “YUMMMM!” I could have eaten this as a soup, it was so good.  I then layered the mushrooms, then mozzarella cheese, and then finally the prosciutto which had a crispy bacon like texture to its already natural saltiness.  I baked it for about 11-15 minutes more.

Both pizzas turned out Fantastic!  I loved my toppings and my sauce, and I definitely will be doing them again the next homemade pizza night.  Unfortunately, my crust wasn’t as good as Little C’s .  So, the lesson is, if you do the recipe right, the pizza dough will turn out great!

Check out all the other pizza people this week!  Happy Crocheting Baking!


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