Hello!  Welcome to another episode of What Am I Doing With All these Circles and Shapes?  Yes, I am in love with making little shapes, and I have another project in the works.  But, to refresh your memory, here is last week’s circle filled crochet lantern.  Notice I included a nighttime photo?

This week I’ve been working with more Autumn tones.  Browns, yellow, cream, and a little sea blue thrown together.  These “scrumbles”, yes that’s the technical term even though my spell check refuses to recognize it, are going to be part of a freeform purse.  No, this time I’m not going to make you guess what I’m making; I’m too excited to keep it a secret;).  This is my first freeform experiment and so far it’s pretty simple, but I haven’t gotten into the textured stitches, or tried putting it all together.  I am enjoying using a bigger yarn.  After working with a size 10 cotton thread and a 1.65mm hook, these scrumbles are working up so much faster.
I started with a bunch of circles and then added a boarder or a “surround” (another technical term).  Some surrounds are circles, some are curvy, some are lopsided, it really doesn’t matter as long as they lay flat.

These two big circles are spirals.  They worked up easily, and now I can’t wait to add some texture.
My goal is to be creating a tapestry by next week.  We’ll see if I can do it!  Happy Crocheting!


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