I’ve hit a crochet wall.  I haven’t stopped completely because my fingers would never allow it.  I’ve just mellowed on it for now.  It’s simple really, the holidays came and I yarned over and hooked my way through gifts for EVERYONE, and now I’m in a bit of a drought.  So, what does the enlightened (ha!) 21st century girl do in need of inspiration?  Turn to Pinterest, of course.  Here are a few crochet creations that have caught my eye.

The Crochet Tank with Chains

I doubt I would ever wear this, but I think it is cool and interesting.  Oh, if I could go back in time and be 25 again, I might put it on during the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary, but sadly, those days have passed.  I do like how the designer mixed the chains into the fabric, quite innovative!

Fiber Art

Who said crochet was just for crafters?   I wish I had a mind for art, this would be fun to create.


Tree of Life

My Pinterest board, Crochet Appliqués, has a HUGE selection of different appliqué ideas.  This was one of the latest ones I pinned, and since Spring is almost here, I might have to give it a try.


Slouch Hat

I actually just finished this hat for my daughter.  It turned out cute, I’ll share a picture another time.

Crochet for the Home

For those of you who are a new crocheter, or just want a quick project, this is a great idea.  I might make some as gifts, once my lavender is ready.


Tapestry Bag

This purse is another single crochet masterpiece.  I love the colors, I love the design.  I wish it was mine.

Crochet Rings

This is a type of fiber jewelry that you don’t see very often.  I’ve had this pinned in my Crochet and Fiber Jewelry Inspirations board for years, it might be time I try it out.


Hope you are all inspired to get your hook and yarn out.  What projects are you working on?  What would you like to see more of on my blog?  I’d love any feedback :).  Have a great weekend, and Happy Crocheting!

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