Last week I wrote about needing inspiration; I’ve been in a bit of a slump as far as crochet goes and I’m looking to refresh my creative juices.  Some of the other bloggers I follow have expressed this same sentiment, so I’ve come up with five ways to shake up yours and my creative juices.

1. Clear Your Head

Take time off from crochet!  If you are stuck with a thousand WIPs and don’t feel inspired to finish any of them, relax and let it go.  Did you ever notice that when you aren’t thinking about a problem, the solution often comes to you?  Use this same principle for your craft, and a renewed energy just might be your reward.

2. Try Something New

img_5830Over the weekend my husband and I entered a Chili contest at a local Winterfest.  We’ve participated for over five years now and while my hubby won 3rd last year, I’ve never done better than 6th place.  This year I tried something new, I entered a chili based on a Fast Metabolism Diet recipe (it even had zucchini) and I won 3rd!  This came with a nice gift basket, and bragging rights for a year.  The most interesting thing that came from this was that when I returned home, I immediately started crocheting a carrying case for my daughter’s doll.  I guess, trying something new worked two ways this time, I won 3rd place and I was motivated enough to start a new project!

3.  Have a “Go To” Project

I have decided that wash cloths are going to be my “go to” project.  Why?  They are simple, but allow me to try new stitches, the cotton yarn is often less expensive than other types, and I can take the project with me wherever I go.  What is your go to project?


4.  Read other Bloggers and Check out Social Media

Last week I showed you a group of Pinterest pins that gave me inspiration.  I like to read about what other bloggers are making and their processes.  Set aside 15 minutes a day to catch a dose of Social Media inspiration, just don’t get caught in the web of ideas and spend too long.  This can be counterproductive.

5.  Plan, Prep and Produce

When you find a project that really speaks to you, come up with a plan.  Buy the pattern or sketch out your own, and go to the store and buy all the yarn needed for the pattern.  Prepare for your project by creating a sample to check the gauge, and scheduling time into your day for crochet.  Some creatives like to make a soundtrack that they listen to throughout the project, if this sounds up you alley give it a try!  And lastly, go for it!  Dive in and create, you’ll thank yourself for it!

What do you do when you’re stuck?  Hope everyone is off to a good week, Happy Crocheting!


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