How was everyone’s weekend?  The holidays are in full swing at our house, and it seems that we don’t have a weekend free till the end of the year, fun and hectic.  All our “partying” has really put a damper on my crocheting.  I’m trying to fit in as much time as I can with the hook, but I may have over extended myself with my wish to gift handmade items this year.

Luckily, back in November, I made these cute chunky wristers that will be an adorable accessory to any holiday outfit.  I was planning to wear them with my own Christmas Eve outfit, but I now may give them to my sister (I was planning on making her a pair anyway). They didn’t take much time to make, so I should have time to make more.  Hope you can give these a try!

Foundation Row:  With a K Hook, ch 25


Row 1-2:  Starting in the second ch. of the hook star stitch across, join with the top of the first star, ch 1, sc across the star stitch row.

Row 3-4:  repeat rows 1&2

Switch to N Hook

Rows 5-13:  Alternate Triangle stitch and sc rows.  Bind off.

What do you think of these?   I love that you can cover more of your fingers when you go outside, but if you are inside and want to wear them, all you have to do is change thumb holes!   It is a quick and easy pattern that will add a pop to any outfit. Hope all your adventures are fun these days!

Happy Crocheting!

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