I wanted to share an angel project I made last year for the DIY Twisted Sisters blog. I was challenged to make a doll, and this was my take on it! Hope you like,happy crocheting!

DIY Twisted Sisters

These weekly challenges are either going to make me really skinny or really fat.  Skinny because I will be DIY-ing for days, and forgetting to eat; or fat because I will gorge on potato chips and cookies because I’m so stressed out over all the work I need to do!  Either way, it’s great to have a project and an end goal, and it is even cooler that I get to do this with my Twisted Sister who is halfway across the country!
Onto project number 1:  the dolly.  I took an entirely different take on this doll idea than Erin’s Hawaiian Princess (my guess?).  My four year-old really isn’t into dollies, unless they are My Little Ponies or Shopkins (don’t ask about Shopkins, anyone with a small child knows, we don’t need to go there).  She loves little figures, and she loves hiding her little figurines in baskets or…

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