Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect.  I wanted to start this new month with a tale of giving, and I have yet to give what I intended.  Instead, I have been tending to a sick child, who just keeps getting worse as the day goes on.  Poor Little C.  She spent most of  Monday morning bouncing from 99.1 to 99.9 and was in various stages of demands, “Mom, can you give me a sip of water, and change the channel, and get my “Sophia” coloring book?”  By late afternoon, last night’s lack of sleep caught up with her, and her temp spiked to over 101.  It’s scary to see little ones laying listless with flushed cheeks and hot hands.  It’s especially scary to see it when the little one is your own.

So I’m writing this on the couch next to a sleeping Little C, and my hope is to get to the giving tomorrow.  I have over 15 cold weather items to donate to MPTV Mittens and More.  Hopefully my hats, ear warmers and neck warmers can help keep some kids toasty as they walk to school this winter.  I spent part of my morning home taking some photos of the hats and scarves.   I have until November 6 to drop them off, and I’m hoping Little C will be feeling up to coming with me.  Here’s some pics of all the goods!

Any of you donating handmade items this month?  I would love to hear what charities you work with.  I plan to compile a list for future crochet charity projects.  Until next time, Happy Crocheting!

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