Boo!  Are you scared yet?  Well, you should be, because I have a spoooooooky Halloween costume idea that is so easy to whip up you’ll have no excuse not to trick-or-treat this year!

This Halloween shawl is perfect for the “witch” in you, just put it over your regular clothes and ta-da, you have your costume.  The idea for this shawl came from this pattern I found on Pinterest.  I thought I could make up my own pattern, and it worked out great.  Here is the gist of what I did.


Caron Simply Soft-White (for skull)

H Hook (for skull)

Loops and Threads Charisma-Black (for shawl)

N Hook (for shawl)

Instructions:  Skull

I used this pattern for the skull.  To help it look more complete, I added another row of single crochet to the chin, and single crochet around the entire piece.


Instructions:  Web Shawl

  1.  Join black to one corner of the shawl with a sc.  In 8 evenly spaced corners,  Ch 5, sc, around the skull.  Join with a sl st to the first sc.
  2. Ch 9 (counts as a tc ch 5) tc in sc, (ch 5, tc) in each sc around.  Join with a slip st in first tc.
  3. Ch 11, (counts as a tc, ch 7), tc in tc, (ch 7, tc) in each tc around.  Join with a slip st in first tc.
  4. Ch 13, (counts as tc, ch 9), tc in tc, (ch 9, tc) in each tc around.  Join with a sl st in first tc.
  5. Ch 15, (counts as tc, ch 11), tc in tc, (ch 11, tc) five times total.  Ch 4, turn.
  6. Repeat Row 5, seven rows, increasing chain stitch by two with each row.  Ch 4, turn.
  7. Ch 25, tc in first tc, ch 25, tc in second tc, ch 4 turn.  Repeat row until the length fits around your shoulders. (I repeated 18 times)img_5083

I created a spider pin using this pattern, and pinned the shawl from end to end.  I wore this to our pumpkin festival and had at least five strangers tell me they loved it!  What an easy project to “dress-up” for Halloween.  I hope you give it a try!

Happy Crocheting!


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