I told you I’ve been crocheting A LOT.  There was a challenge, a future challenge, issued from my DIY Twisted Sister to me to perform some charity work.  Well, I like doing things for people, so this challenge came easy to me.  I plan to donate at least 10 hats, scarves, or ear warmers to MPTV Mittens and More.  The goal of this charity is to provide hats, scarves, mittens, warm weather clothes to kids in the Milwaukee area.

As I may have mentioned, it can get pretty cold here.  I live by a few different schools and see kids of all ages walking down my street without a hat and bare hands stuffed in their coat pocket.  Being a mom, I know how challenging it is to keep a kid from catching cold in the winter.  Being a crocheter, I knew I could help.

Now, why, when it is a DIY Twisted Sisters challenge, am I posting this on my Crochet539 blog?  Because, I need you to get the word out.  For every hat, cowl, scarf, or ear warmer sold from now until November 6th, I will donate another item to Mittens and More.  I already will donate 10, let’s get to 20, or better yet let’s get to 30!

Please visit my Etsy shop to see more of my items.  Like something you see on Pinterest or another site, feel free to order something custom made.  Also, if you could share this on your social media sites, I sure would appreciate it.  Let’s keep the kids warm this winter!

Here’s a few items that are listed:

Kids hats, some team colors included!

I love making all different kinds of ear bands.  And they are cute to wear too!

These cowls keep your neck warm without the bulk of a scarf.  I wear them indoors and outdoors all winter!

I’d love your feedback and sharing.  Happy Crocheting!

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