Last week was chaotic.  There really is no other word for it.  It was a mess of downs and ups and ups and downs for me and my family.  Luckily, we all got through it okay.


My back went out again, and I have a poking pain in my left buttock and my “usual” pain on the right.  My husband, not wanting me to wait four months before seeing a doctor (like last time), insisted I call after the third day.

Good news is, that we got a Green Bay win on Sunday!

Monday and Tuesday

My 4 year old, who was so excited to start school and make friends, had meltdowns at dinner.  I don’t know if it was from the long (all day) school day, or the early mornings, or trouble with the kids (a few instances), but she was insistent on not going back to school.

She deserves stars for effort, don’t you think?


My daughter, tears streaming down her face, brushed them off her cheeks, took a deep breath and walked into school for the day.  I didn’t know if I should cry for her or admire her.  The fact that my 4 year old could compose herself and face something she doesn’t want to do, made me extremely proud.  It also made me extremely sad, she’s only 4 years old.  She doesn’t even have to go to school this year (although I don’t think I’d be doing her any favors keeping her home with me).

Luckily things started turning around.  Our first choice school (a half day program) emailed and said they had an opening.  We jumped at the chance.  Also, I saw the doctor, scheduled an MRI for next week.

Also, posted my ear bands on my Etsy site.  Wednesday was a big day!

Thursday and Friday

Started the new school!  The teacher was so calm and nice, Little C took to her right away.  Plus there are a few kids from last year’s program that are at the new school, so she had friends right away.  I could tell, just by how relaxed she was that this was a good choice…ahhh relief.  We also had hubby’s birthday, and a party to plan.  Little C helped me make the cake, and wanted it to be Lego themed.  She did all the decorating.

Alls well that ends well, right?  I hope so, anyway!  The week ended well, and as a family we seem to be moving in the right direction.  Thanks for letting me share, I plan to highlight some of my ear warmers with a tutorial next time!

Happy Crocheting!

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