Without getting too philosophical, this week was all about hits and misses in my life.  There were a lot of ups and downs, and for some reason I’ve been more of a basket case than usual.  I have many theories why my emotional tide has been rising.   And when adding up these theories, it makes perfect sense (to me) why I burst into tears when a first-ever (Wisconsin) woman won gold for the Triathlon event.  My hubby, he doesn’t get it. Oh, cest la vie.

Because life is a roller-coaster (or a highway, depending on who you ask), here are a few examples of the hits and misses of the week.  I’ll start with my crochet hits/misses, you decide which is which…

More Emojis.  I started making some emojis for patches or pins.  This is as far as I’ve gotten.


For the past two weeks I’ve been spending some of my nighttime crochet on a granny square top.  All I needed was to crochet one more row and whip stitch it together and it would’ve been complete.  So, of course I had to run out of yarn!  Three yarn stores later, I still haven’t found a skein.  Luckily, I can order it online.  Hit or Miss?


My goal is to use up some of my yarn stash, so I pulled out a funky skein of stripy chunk yarn to make headbands with.  Not sure if this is the result I wanted.


The last of my fiber adventures, this week (I’ve been busy), had to do with felting.  I bought some dyed wool from the state fair last week, and I thought I’d try out felting to see the different results.  I hand felted the left piece in cool water and let it air dry.  The right piece was machine washed and dried, the full cycle.  I might try shortening the dry times to see what happens.



On the non-crochet side of the week, we went to Irish Fest to celebrate mine and my daughter’s heritage.  It was a mixed bag of fun, rueben rolls from The Irish Baker were tasty, and watching the troops of Irish dancers was awesome.  But the 4 year-old isn’t into these things, so we didn’t last long.

And last, I will call it, I had a definite “hit” to end the week.  My hubby and I played in a golf outing (the two of us getting out to golf is a plus enough).  Not only did he and I win two raffles at the end of the outing, but I won Longest Drive for Ladies and Closest to the Pin for Ladies.  Considering it was only my third time playing this year and my back did not hurt the entire round, I was on cloud nine.  Check out how close I was and the loot we won!

Okay, I have dilly-dallied enough, I must go order some yarn for my top!

Happy Crocheting!

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