Last week’s post was about picking up the hook and just trying.  I think that is a good metaphor with life, sometimes jumping in is the way to success.  Last week’s attempts at emojis and my pocket cuff started a crochet ball (of yarn) rolling for me, and I have had so much fun keeping my hands busy at night.  I finished two projects this week.  One was for a customer, and I will write about it soon after she gets the final product.

IMG_4522The second, though, was an anklet for my daughter.  My four year old is obsessed with “jewels”.  Anything sparkly and shiny she is drawn to.  So of course that means any jewelry (especially costume jewelry) that I wear.  I have a pair of crochet earrings that have some hanging jewels on them.  She was admiring them (aka pulling on my earlobe) the other day and requested an anklet with the same jewels.  As always, I am happy to oblige.

I made this anklet off the cuff (pardon the pun).  If the little one ever takes it off I plan on officially writing up the pattern because it turned out soooooooo cute, if I do say so myself.  So, in the meantime I will just go over the basics.

I started by stringing the jewels onto my crochet thread.  I chained 6, then chained 1 with the jewel (if anyone wants a tutorial on this, please let me know in the comments I’d be happy to go into it more deeply).  I chained 2 and then one with the jewel again; I repeated this until I ran out of jewels and then chained 6 on the end.  Luckily, this fit my daughter’s ankle perfectly.

I turned, single crochet in the second chain from the hook and across.  Then I did a series of fans across with a contrasting color (she chose purple).

Lastly I turned, single crocheted, back loop only, on the fans, and double crocheted in the valleys of the fans.  I chained 7 on the end and attached it to the bottom of the cuff to create a loop.

Then I put a fancy button that my little one picked out and it was done.  This was such an easy project, yet my daughter absolutely loves it.  I think it looks so cute I might make myself one!  Hope you like this new project!

Happy Crocheting!

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