Sometimes, when you get out of a rhythm, you just have to jump in and do ANYTHING to get back where you left it.  I feel like I had definitely gotten out of my crochet rhythm, and my fingers were itching to start something new.  Let me set the scene…it is Summer.  That is all.  It is my only excuse for not crocheting more.  You see, Summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin means festivals, grill-outs, baseball games, festivals, friends, family, food, and more festivals.  Did you read crochet on that list?  There is so much social life that comes alive when the weather is nice, that there is little time for anything else.

I admit it, lately, I have tried and failed on a few crochet projects.  I hurried them, and therefore was not happy with the results.  So I decided to start simply, back to what I like best, appliqués.  I decided to try making an emoji for my daughter.  I plan to write up the patterns, and will post them when I do.  My little one thought the first appliqué was funny and immediately asked for a poop emoji for the next night.  I couldn’t let her down!

The night after the poop, I decided to try making a cuff bracelet with a secret pocket.  I was hoping to stuff a little money in the pocket with a house key and wear it to Summerfest, the biggest music festival in the world (and I’m not being dramatic).  I unfortunately did not finish it before we went to the fest, so I’ll have to try it out this next weekend at another event.  Overall, I like the look of the cuff.  What do you think?

I am thinking of adding the emojis and the cuff to my inventory when I sell at a craft fair this fall.  What do you think?  Do you think they would sell?

I am so glad that even though I was in a crochet rut, I continued to pick up a hook and keep stitching.  I had so much fun creating the appliqués and the cuff.  Now I just have to decide what to do next…

As always, Happy Crocheting!

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