It’s the morning after.


Yesterday started out simple enough.  A parade, where my 4 year old rode the entire two mile parade route on a decorated bike, with no pulling or pushing from Mom.  I had a proud moment (2 miles is an accomplishment for a kid on a trike!).  In the afternoon we had a house full of people.  Adults having adult beverages and lots and lots of food.  Kids chasing each other with squirt guns and water balloons.  And of course there were fireworks.  Not the dangerous kind, but the poppy-snap kind that even some of us adults were having fun with.  The real fireworks came later, on a grassy hill.  Needless to say we all had fun, and needed our beds.

So today is my Walk of Shame, no real crochet projects to talk about.  I had two fail starts over the weekend.  One was a festival purse that I never took to the festival.  I hurried the construction and it looked and felt sloppy, I didn’t trust it keeping my phone and money.  The other was a star doily, but I probably hurried that project too.  So, instead of dwelling on what didn’t work out, let me send you off with some photos of my flowers, that are finally blooming and beautiful.


We mulched our front garden bed.  Before it was just a pebble garden that was dwindling and bland.  The red is so vibrant, I love how it contrasts our grayish house (although I’m ready for a refresh paint job now!).


More potted plants.


My hydrangeas are finally starting to show off.  Just in time!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Until next time, Happy Crocheting!

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