The idea behind this Drip Catcher Basket had to do with a dish scrubber  that drips all over the edge of the sink.  It is an on-going battle with the other members of my household.  Dishes are washed, and after, instead of letting our scrubbing wand dry out in the sink, it is put back into the oversized coffee cup that holds it.  This would be fine, if it wasn’t still dripping soapy water all over the sink edge or counter, depending on where the cup is.  I realize this is a small problem, I mean, the dishes ARE getting done.  I should be thankful for the help.  But constantly wiping up soapy water just annoys me.  So, the Drip Catcher Basket was created to keep me from sweating the small stuff.

This was my first attempt at crocheting a basket, and I kind of made it up on the fly.  Unfortunately, I did not take detailed notes. I will loosely relay how I created it, but if you would like to make your own basket and have questions, please feel free to comment and ask!


I started with a foundation single crochet stitch.  I wanted a basket that held my coffee cup, some hand soap and lotion, and our sink stopper, so I started with a longer row.  From here I just continued with the single crochet until I had a rectangle big enough.

When the base was set, I crocheted around the edges (3 single crochets in each corner) till the edges started to curve upward.  I started decreasing at the corners, as I was finishing the basket.  This helped create the side panels.  I finished by slip stitching around the basket which tightened the sides even more.


I used 100% cotton yarn, skeins that cost less than a dollar on sale.  This yarn might not be right for garments, but it’s great for dish cloths, towels, coasters, anything that might need to be a bit stiffer or catch water.  This is super absorbent, and can be washed and dried (although for the basket, you might want to wash, reshape and air dry).


Let me know if you’ve made baskets before, and what patterns you’ve used.  This basket would be great for holding trinkets or rings too.  The possibilities are endless.

Happy Crocheting!

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