Hello!  This week I want to talk about a new blog that my sister and I have started.  DIYTwistedSisters.com  has been such a great project.  Not only has it reconnected me with my sister Erin, who lives halfway across the country, but it is giving us both an opportunity to embark on projects that we love.

DIY Twisted Sisters:            Erin Vs. Brenna

Let me start from the beginning.  Last year I received an unexpected call from Erin.  She was thinking of starting a blog, and wanted to bounce some ideas off me.  I had been writing my crochet blog for a while, and I loved that she wanted to start a craft blog.  I jumped on the bandwagon with her, but not as a friend, as an opponent.

The premise behind DIY Twisted Sisters, is friendly competition.  One of us challenges the other each week to a new craft or DIY challenge, and there is ALWAYS a twist in our challenge.  Keeping the cost down, at least in this point in the challenges, have been a factor in the judging.  Also, if the material we use is not readily available, we may not be judged as high.  The time we take to make is also in consideration.  Lastly, we do not judge ourselves (or we’d be at a stalemate each week!).  We count on our readers to vote for their favorite project when we reveal them in our last pitch on Wednesdays.

What we have done thus far has been a blast.  I am amazed at how different my sister and I are.  We are over a decade apart in age, maybe that has something to do with our unique craftiness… Nevertheless, there are times when I like her project better than mine (and vice-versa).  We never get two of the same results from a challenge, and we always have a lot of fun.

I hope you can join us on our DIY journey, and vote for your favorite each week!

I’ll be back next week with a new crochet project.  I have like three in the works, I just have to finish them!  Until then here is a photo of one of my favorite springtime clips.

purple front

Happy Crocheting!