Spring is almost here.  Something happens  in Wisconsin (and I suppose most northern states) when the first few nice days arrive.  All of a sudden people come out of the woodwork.  You see neighbors for the first time in months (unless they are shoveling snow), the playgrounds are filled with stir crazy kids, and the park paths are crowded with dog walkers and bikers.  Restaurants, too, are packed and friends (who haven’t seen each other since New Years) are meeting up for a drink and a bite.  I love this time of year, when everything and everyone awakens.

As a crocheter, one tends to think that the Spring and Summer are down times.  After all, no one is wearing cowls and sweaters when its 70 degrees out.   But, I have found, that there are many fun adornments that can be made to wear during the warmer months.

My project this week, the Border Belt, has been on my list for about a year.  There have been many, many occasions where I am wearing a light jacket or dress and just want to cinch the waist a bit to make myself feel less frumpy.  In the summer, a heavy leather belt does not allow your skin to breathe.  I have looked at other options, but they all seem either too sucky (as in sucks in your waist too much), too thin, and overall not right.  All I want is something that I can clip around my waist and be comfortable in.


100% Mercerized Cotton, light weight (3)

F Hook


The main group of stitches in this belt is the Colleen Border.  You can find full instructions for the Colleen Border here.

The initial chain is a multiple of 4 + 2.  Think about how long you want your belt.  You may want to start with a very long chain and tie the ends.  You may want to use a clasp, and then account for the extra inches with your initial chain.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the initial chain is not the actual length of the piece, it will shrink a bit.  I chained mine a few inches bigger than my waist, thankfully, and it was just enough.


Here is an example of the Colleen Border, once again, you can find it here.

Once I completed the border, I was shocked at how much it shrunk from the initial chain.  I had a clasp on hand I was planning on using, so I just single crochet some loops for the hook.

As you might be able to tell from the photos, I made sure to block the finished piece.  Anytime you work with lace in crochet blocking is necessary to see all the beautiful stitches that you painstakingly made.  Plus, I was able to stretch the belt to its normal length and width.


Once the blocking is complete, it was time to add the clasp and try on.  I love it!  Here is a few pictures of the finished product.  I like the clasp, but I also really like the clasp in the back, where it shows off the crochet.

Either way, this belt is a great accessory for the warmer months.  It can hug your waist without making you overwhelmed with layers.

Will you give this project a try?  What do you think about the idea of a crochet belt?

Happy Crocheting!

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