The luck o’the Irish, oh how I wish this really was a thing!  We Irish lasses and lads have to make our own luck, like the rest of the world.  I am only half Irish, but living in Milwaukee, it really doesn’t matter if your family is from the Emerald Isle or not, celebrating St. Patty’s Day is for everyone.

As a kid, I remember coming home from school on St. Patrick’s Day, I wore green corduroy pants that my mom made; she had corned beef and cabbage boiling on the stove and the Irish Unicorns jigging on the record player.  At dinner we kids drank green Kool-Aid and my parents clinked glasses with green beer.  St. Patrick’s Day dinner was an event in my family.  Not a holiday like Christmas or Easter where you get presents and candy, but an event that my family and I spent together, eating and talking about our day.

I married a man who isn’t Irish, but he loves to celebrate like an Irishman.  Since I’ve known him, we’ve always gone to the annual parade downtown.  Now we take our daughter, and it has become an earlier evening and family friendly, but always lots of fun.

We go to the parade each year and I love to crochet a few adornments for my daughter and I to show off our Irish pride.  So, I wanted to highlight some of the crochet I have done to celebrate.


I first made this shamrock clip for my daughter.  I got the pattern from The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, by Margaret Hubert.

These four leaf clover studs are about the size of a nickel.  I don’t always like to wear studs because my ear lobes don’t hang right (they curve upward and don’t show off the earrings!).


I prefer to wear these four leaf clover dangle earrings.  They give a cute St. Paddy’s Day vibe without going gaudy.

I made these cuffs for Irish Fest last summer.  So many people focus on green as the color for St. Patrick’s Day, but I always like to add a little orange.  Orange is my favorite color, and the combination of the two is classic.

These are some of the items I plan to wear in a few weeks, while my family and I eat corned beef and drink green beer (or green juice for my 4 year old).  I can’t wait to celebrate!

Happy Crocheting!

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