The idea for a new cell phone case was born out of necessity, rather than want. You see, last fall I traded in my old phone for a new iPhone. On one hand, I was ready for an upgraded phone that had battery power and extra gigs.  On the other, I had to give up my rubber phone case.  Why would anyone attach herself to a cheap phone case? Well, all I know is that mine was flexible enough to slip an ID and a few bucks in the back and protect my phone.  So, on the days I run to the gym or drop off my daughter at school and don’t want to leave my purse in the car or lug it with me, I’ll have everything I need in my pocket.

Crocheting a new case was an easy alternative.  I can protect my phone and keep everything together, it’s even slim enough to slip into my pocket.  Here are the details.


Cotton Yarn (I used sugar and cream yarn – inexpensive and easy to clean)

G Hook

Small button


This case was made for an iPhone 6; you may need to adjust the width and length to fit a different phone.

*Disclaimer:  I have had to back-track my work to create this pattern.  The pattern has not been tested.  I would have tried it out before this post, but I threw my back out (in soooooo much spastic pain) and can’t sit long enough to concentrate on my crochet.  It is even difficult to write this.  So bear with me, and if you give this pattern a try, and find an error, or find it confusing, please let me know.  I will also try to come up with better pictures when I can move a bit better.  Thanks for your understanding.

Instructions, worked in the round:

Foundation Row: Ch 14

Row 1:  sc in second chain from the hook and in every ch down, 3 sc in last ch, don’t turn, sc down next side, 2 sc in las st the first sc is in (put a stitch marker in first sc)

Rows 2 and 3: repeat row 1 (25 st)

Rows 4-7:  sc around


Row 8:  *ch 2, sk 2 sc, dc in next two sc, *repeat twice, dc around

Row 9: *2 dc in next ch 2, ch 2 sk 2 dc, *repeat twice, dc around

Row 10: *ch 2, sk 2 dc, 2 dc in next ch 2 * repeat twice, dc around

Row 11-17:  Repeat Rows 9 and 10

Row 18: sc in the next 7 dc (should be at the middle of the back of the case), ch 7 sc in fifth ch from hook, sc in next two ch, according in next dc and around, sl st in the first sc. Do not bind off.

Handle: ch 25 (or amount of stitches for your hand to fit through), sl st in opposite sc, bind off.

Button: attach a button to the middle dc cluster.

Enjoy your new phone case, I hope you think it’s as helpful as I do!

 Happy Crocheting!

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