I remember when I was first starting to crochet.  It wasn’t that long ago, about 19 years (okay, it doesn’t seem like that long ago).  My mom taught me, and my first project was a lap blanket.  I may have wanted to make an afghan, but my college attention span cut me off at the lap.  Years later, I still feel that a lap blanket, is the best blanket a girl can own.  I keep mine in a cabinet by the couch and pull it out almost every night, except those hot summer nights.  I love the cozy feeling a blanket gives, it makes you want to curl up and relax.


The last few years I have been a crazy crocheter.  I make everything from teeny tiny appliqués to costumes and clothes, but I’ve never made another blanket.  Why would I want to make another lap blanket when my old one, in its psychedelic grandeur still works great?  Then one day, as we were running errands (to which I had to stop at the Michaels in the strip mall we were at), my husband found Bernat Blanket Yarn.  Suddenly, I was informed that my old blanket didn’t make the grade any more, and that the family needed a new one.  I couldn’t really disagree.  The blanket yarn was so soft and light, and the colors matched perfectly with our living room drapes.  Still, the yarn isn’t cheap, so I waited until I had a really good coupon, and then bought a few skeins.

If you are looking for a great present to give to a loved one, this is it.  Most people can’t resist a nice soft blanket, and this one has it all.  Plus, it has a homemade feel to it that is so appreciated this time of year.


After trying a few fancier stitches, I decided that a simple double crochet worked best for what I was trying to accomplish.  Because of this, you can whip up a blanket like this quickly.  I used three skeins of this yarn, and they go fast.  My only complaint (if I’d even call it that) is that the color sort of pops out at you, and I was hoping to see the color last longer so that the finished product would stripe more.


The blanket has been a hit with my family, and often we have to cuddle close together so we all can share it (I don’t mind).  My old blanket is still around, but this one has definitely become the favorite!

Happy Crocheting!

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