I have almost all of my holiday shopping done, but why do I still feel so stressed?  I really only need to bake a few cookies, throw a relish tray together, wrap a few more gifts, and shower and I am good to go, but my emotional eating is peaking and I’m craving carbs and cheese.

Why are the holidays so stressful?  Is it because we don’t have enough sunlight, and therefore our Vitamin D levels are drooping?  Is it because we have party after party to go to, when a nice morning in pajamas and a Christmas movie is all we want?  Snippiness has been my mood of choice lately, and (I’m not naming names) I can tell I’m not the only one.

For those of you, like me, who are feeling bubbles of anxiety within your chest, because you might not do enough or give enough, I have a quick holiday DIY to set your mind at ease.  This is an easy crochet tutorial, please comment if you have any questions.


Yarn and hook of your color and choice

Earring – Fish hook

Jump rings


Tear Drop Earrings

Foundation Chain:  Ch 6, sl st in first ch to form ring

Row 1 inside ring:  sc, hdc 2 times, dc 2 times, tc 2 times, dc 2 times, hdc 2 times, sc, ch 3, sl st in first sc.  Bind off.


I have written about these earrings and how light weight they are.  My mom and I both wear them on the golf course.  They can be made with any yarn type or color, and that is what makes them so versatile.  Plus they only take about a half hour to make, which means they’ll whip up fast!

Here are some more examples,  and if you don’t want to make your own, please visit my Etsy site Crochet539.


About the size of a nickel.

Happy Crocheting!

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