I don’t know for sure, but I’d be willing to guess that the most popular present this year (and any year for that matter) is the gift card.  So why not make a gift card holder?  This is the easiest project.  Plus, it gives a homemade touch to a present that has the stigma of having no thought put into it.  It is also one of those add-on presents that can be re-gifted when another card is bought for the next holiday.  The gift that keeps on giving.


This project takes less than an hour, watching television, and can be made from any stash busting yarn.  I decided to make mine in traditional holiday colors, red, green and white.


The idea is simple, make one rectangle granny square (is it still a square if its a rectangle granny?).  Follow this pattern, Rectangle Granny.

For more than one color, use color 1 for the foundation row and row one.  Use Color 2 for row two and four, and color 3 was for row 3.  Sew in loose ends, and they should be complete (if you want you can create a border around each).  Fold the rectangle granny in half and sew both sides together leaving the top end open.



Place the gift card in the pocket, and you add a little love to a simple gift.  Happy crocheting!


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