Crochet Boho Headband pattern. Cotton hairband, with buttons, handmade, simple crochet.

I just completed this headband for a customer over the weekend, and I was reminded of how much I LOVE the Boho Arches Headband.  The red color is perfect for the holiday season and just adds a pop to any outfit.  I designed the headband this past summer and I wore mine all the time.  Each color is made of a light weight, mercerized cotton.  The lacy pattern can cause it to stretch after a few wears, but after throwing it in the washing machine and laying it flat to dry, it reforms perfectly.  A good tip, place the band in a lingerie bag or pillow case while washing, it will help the piece from being twisted in the wash.

As I was making this band, I just had to pull out my yellow one to wear for Thanksgiving.

Cotton Crochet Boho Headband with cute button attachments.

Unfortunately, it didn’t bring my Green Bay Packers any luck, but that didn’t stop me from getting oodles of compliments!

Crochet Boho Headband, perfect hairband for festivals, laid back style.

Wearing the band with my hair down makes me feel more like a flower child, but I love that look, so I probably wear it like this most often!

The main stitch pattern is called Double Arches, you can find the instructions here. I repeated the pattern 16 times, and then created a single crochet boarder around the entire piece.  After blocking, and adding the buttons, the entire Boho Arches Headband can be completed in 3 hours (plus the day of blocking).

If you like the style, but don’t want to give it a try yourself, please visit my Etsy shop at Crochet539.  Happy crocheting!

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