It is the second week of November.  IT IS THE SECOND WEEK OF NOVEMBER!!!!! Where has the time gone?  I just got done making Clara’s Halloween costume, we just went trick or treating, we still haven’t raked all the leaves in our yard; how can it be the second week of November?

Clara wanted to be Darington from Blaze and the Monster Machines.

I realized how close we are to Christmas when my mother-in-law brought over a Christmas Cookie book that she picked up at an event on Saturday.  Suddenly, it hit me, we only have about six weeks.  If I want to give any token, handmade, gifts to friends and family, I have to get going!

I have so many ideas, too many ideas.  Once I start working on a project, my mind wanders to the next project and the next.  Suddenly, I have a dozen half finished projects on my craft table all balled up and in plastic bags!  For instance, right now I am working on a crochet skirt to be worn during the holidays, and a multi-colored crochet lap blanket for my home.  Both projects are close to completion, and both are for me.  Should I say Bah Humbug! I am only making myself stuff this year?  No, I don’t want to do that!  What I do want is to make things that  others will either use or wear.

So my first project is to make the cozy neck warmer that I wore all winter last year.

Here is one of the cowls I wore all last winter. I recently made a matching headband, hmmm, could be project number two...
Here is one of the cowls I wore all last winter. I recently made a matching headband, hmmm, could be project number two…

I love these cowls, they are so soft and cozy, but don’t add the bulk at your shoulders.  My upper body is broad (to put it delicately), and I don’t need anything making me look wider, or deeper like so many of the cowl styles out there today.  This neck warmer gives the contemporary style of a cowl, without the bulk.  I also love that it isn’t a scarf.  I often get cold indoors, and there is nothing more unappetizing than when a scarf hangs in a plate of pasta.  This cowl acts more as a mock turtleneck, and it adds a pop to any neckline.

So my first project idea is a go, and I know exactly who will get this present this year….

If you want to make this cowl check out Lionbrand Yarn’s Uptown Circle #Scarfie at

I followed this pattern, but used a different yarn, although I love Lion Brand, and I’m sure the Thick and Quick would be lovely.


The cowl is complete, yet something is missing.  These are the holidays, after all, and  big embellishments are very in for winter wear.  You know what I mean, big Blossom like flowers, or over-sized pompoms.  For my cowl, I want to make a detachable snowflake.  It will be something  she can wear all winter, but on those occasions where she doesn’t want the appliqué, she can take it off! Here’s what I came up with.

Snowflake front.
Snowflake back.
Finished Cowl.
Finished Cowl.

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Happy crafting!

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