The holidays are almost here, and so is gift giving season.  I just got a request to make winter headbands for a few teenage girls.  They are to be made in school colors and I have the creative license to make them anyway I want, even though there are really cute ones out there with big flowers and buttons, ahem.  In the interest of compromise, I came up with this versatile headband.  It suits any mood you are in.  Here is a quick synapse of the band:


Lion Brand Yarns, Hometown USA: Oakland Black, and Portsmouth Pumpkin

Crochet Hook K


I usually like to use a different yarn for my cowls and headbands, but since I am trying to make specific school/sport team colors, I chose this yarn.  I have never used the Hometown USA before, and it is very soft and has a nice sheen to it.  The colors I picked are perfect, and the only complaint I have is that they do fuzz-up a little bit when worked with.  But that is to be expected with most yarns, and it is machine washable and dryable which is a HUGE plus for outdoor wear.

The flower was made off the cuff, but it was such a simple design that any beginner crocheter could create one.  Here are the instructions:

Two Color Flower

Ch 14, sl st into the first ch to form a ring

Ch 1, sc 14 times into the ring, sl st into front loop only (flo) of first sc

*Ch 5, sl st in next flo, sl st in next flo, *repeat around ring (7 ch 5’s)

*Sc five times into first ch 5, *repeat around ring (7 inside petals), sl st into first back loop only (blo)

*Ch 10, sl st in next blo, sl st in next blo, *repeat around ring (7 ch 10’s)

*Sc 10 times into first ch 10, *repeat around ring (7 outside petals) sl st into first blo

Button strip

Ch 10, sl st in 4th ch from hook, sl st the remaining six chs, sl st in back loop of flower, bind off.

Sew button opposite from strip, attach flower to any accessory!

This flower is a simple design, but with the chunky yarn it produces big results.

Have a crochet day!