Four years ago I made my first Towel-Cloth that I still use to this day.  This is one of the simplest projects to crochet.  It is also one of the most handy projects you will ever use around the house.  I first made the towel-cloth, which is a cross between a towel and washcloth, because I had some old cotton yarn and I figured I’d keep my hands busy listening to the Brewer game on the radio one sunny Summer day.  My husband had invited friends to stop by, and I knew they would all have a beer in their hands, and since I was fresh into my pregnancy, I thought this would be a good distraction from my lack of drink.  What I didn’t realize was that this towel-cloth would turn into a dish and sink scrubber, a counter dryer, and a place for washed vegetables.  For the longest time I thought of it as a “mushroom cloth” because I love mushrooms, but after you wash them they hold so much water that the conventional towels would be soaked.

Instructions to making this Towel-Cloth are simple, and can be created within a day or night.


1 skein:  Cotton yarn, I like Sugar and Cream yarn, it is easy to crochet with and not expensive.

Crochet Hook, recommended size is H, or 5 mm

Tapestry needle

Foundation row:  Chain 47, single crochet (sc) in the second chain from the hook, and every chain after till the end, turn.

Row 1:  Chain 1, sc in first sc and every sc after, turn.

Row 2-37:  repeat row 1

Row 38:  Chain 1, sc in first sc, and every sc after, after last stitch, pull yarn through loop to bind off, with tapestry needle sew ends into fabric.

Making crochet projects for the home is a great way to practice your skills and put your work to good use.  Hope you appreciate your towel-cloth as much as I do!  Happy Crafting!

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