Thank you so much Tracy @ it’satsweetsday for hosting another fabulous, or should I say fantastic, bake-along!  This month we baked gingersnaps, thanks to Rebecca @Twinklehook for providing Mary Berry’s recipe.  Like most months, I have never made gingersnap cookies, and these were a surprise win for me!

I don’t know why this was a surprise, I like ginger and cinnamon, and of course I love cookies!  I was just a little nervous that they would taste like the store bought hard snaps, ugh.  But they turned out more like biscuits or maybe even scones.  They weren’t too sweet, but were full of flavor, I really liked them!  What was even more of a surprise was that my husband, who doesn’t really go for sweets (unless he gets into a bag of sour patch kids, which is more sour than sweet) really liked them!  Yay double win!

I don’t have photos of making the dough, mostly because they were so simple and quick to make.  Before I knew it, I was pulling them out of the oven.  Rebecca was right in saying these are perfect coffee or tea biscuits, just a nice treat.  Here is how my cookies turned out.

What a simple and satisfying treat, these will be a staple for me from now on.  If you want to try your hand at making these here is Mary Berry’s recipe!

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Hope everyone is having a Fantastic weekend, and Happy Crocheting Baking!

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